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As a kid, my mom made our Halloween costumes. We always had the benefit of being able to choose what we wanted to be. She made a wide range of costumes from a California Raisin (my brother chose that one),  to a Hershey Kiss (before there was a pattern for it - or even silver fabric - we spray painted it and I ended up with silver arms by the time the night was over). Many of the costumes plus other items ended up in a dress up box for my mom's daycare. We never had a shortage of items to spark our imagination.

Fast forward to my late 20s, early 30s when I had my own kids. My son was a little younger than 2 and I distinctly remember returning from a shopping trip where I tried to find dress up clothes for him as he was beginning to enjoy imaginative play. I was so discouraged. I could only find cheap, scratchy polyester items that would easily come apart with too much play. I wanted high quality items that we could pass on from one kid to another. So I called my mom and asked for her help. I took about a year designing various ideas, exploring different fabrics, and drafting my own patterns. We started selling on Etsy in 2007.

We are a family run business spanning several generations. We pride ourselves in creative, quality, handmade goods.


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Kayce currently lives in Mukilteo, Washington with her husband, two kids, and a tiny dog. Since opening the Etsy shop in 2007, she has dabbled in various ventures including helping run a local artisan group (originally Etsy RAIN and later called Seattle Handmade), co-founding a brick and mortar store in Seattle (The Handmade Showroom), designing store front window displays, creating foamcore sculpture, even reproducing game characters into giant life-size plush figures for a game company. She enjoys a good challenge and is always open to new experiences. 



Susie lives in San Jose, CA with her husband where they enjoy the retired life. She spent many, many, many years raising three kids. So as the kids grew older, she sought out a new challenge and began working as a special needs aide for the Oak Grove School District. She has a soft spot for individuals who learn things a little differently, but deserve no less respect or time than anyone else. She has been an advocate not only for her own children, but for those who have touched her life. She expresses her creative side by wielding a pair of scissors and a sewing machine.

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Alyssa lives in Mukilteo, Washington with her super awesome parents, really amazing big brother, and a teeny tiny dog. She would argue that her dog should be listed first as she is her favorite. Alyssa is an avid reader, a sports enthusiast, a student of theater, an academic, and a pretty great kid. In her spare time, she helps her parents navigate their technology.

Check out her blog here... Queso Libro




Kasey has been working as an artist in video games for nearly 20 years. He’s been fortunate to tackle all kinds of tasks from concepts and storyboards to building environments and levels as well as art direction. His first love of art, though, was comics. He even went so far as to go to a school in New Jersey just focused on comics! He mostly just wants to tell a story through illustration, whether it’s in a single image, a game, or on the page. He and his ridiculously creative wife live here in the NW with their two teenagers dragging them around to craft shows and comic conventions, and exposing them to all the creative things they can find.


Check out his work here... kcq illustrations



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Robbie lives in the PNW where he enjoys time with his family, searching the internet (I think he has almost finished it), playing video games, a lengthy game of D&D, and helping others. We rely on his math expertise for ensuring our designs are correctly proportioned. Invaluable. 


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